Applied Statistics

Award Title Author(s)
1st Best Paper Modeling the Benefits of a Marriage Reverse Annuity Contract with Dependency Assumptions Using Archimedean Copula Arnhilda Aspasia Lundy, Mila Novita, Ida Fithriani
2nd Best Paper Digital Literacy in Mediating the Influence of Education, Demography, and Employment on Poverty in Indonesia Satria Liswanda, Rini Oktavia, Rahma Zuhra
Best Presenter Study of Economic Vulnerability and Its Influence on the Economy in Sumatera Island Using the Household Consumption Expenditure Approach Adin Nugroho, Prientananda Ghina Salsabila

Data Science

Award Title Author(s)
1st Best Paper Granular and Cost-Effective of Mosquito Habitat Suitability Index in Malaria Endemic Areas of West Papua: A Low and Medium Resolution Optical Satellite Imageries Approach Nur Ainun Daulay, Salwa Rizqina Putri, Arie Wahyu Wijayanto
2nd Best Paper Curating Multimodal Satellite Imagery for Precision Agriculture Datasets with Google Earth Engine Bagus Setyawan Wijaya, Rinaldi Munir, Nugraha Priya Utama
Best Presenter Air Pollution in Jakarta, Indonesia Under Spotlight: An AI-Assisted Semi-Supervised Learning Approach Harun Al Azies

Official Statistics

Award Title Author(s)
Best Paper Development of Paddy Yield Gap Between Java and Outside Java: Does It Have a Contribution to Paddy Yield Improvement from 2018 to 2021? Kadir Ruslan, Octavia Rizky Prasetyo
Best Presenter Harnessing Blockchain in BPS-Statistics Indonesia Microdata Dissemination: A Case Study of Microdata Tracking Mechanism Florencia Satwika Genah, Dea Venditama